Foley solicitors wills

A professionally written Will is the surest way to affect your wishes for distribution of your property to your loved ones or charities of your choice. Our fully qualified and experienced solicitors can assist you with decisions you wish to make so that you can ensure that your assets will pass on your death to those who you would want to take care of and make financial provision for.

An up to date and formal Will is essential for everyone, no matter the value of your estate. Whilst it is not easy to contemplate your passing, you can take steps now to ensure that your affairs are put in place in accordance with your wishes.

Should you already have a will and are thinking of making any changes, we can advise and assist with any amendments you wish to put in place.

Making a Will is by no means a time consuming or costly process. Our friendly and sensitive staff will listen to your wishes, advise on Inheritance Tax issues and draft your Will to meet your individual needs. It is our aim to provide you with an attentive and professional service in the important step of the making of your Will.

Contact us by telephone or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange a free appointment to discuss your new Will.


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